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Customized dairy design solutions offered by Wasnick Bros. Through design innovation and first-hand knowledge of the dairy industry that goes back many decades, the Wasnick brothers, Bob and Dan, have learned how to create efficient and productive dairy operations.

Bob Wasnick is responsible for the operational and scheduling side of Wasnick Bros. while Dan Wasnick takes care of field operations. Give Bob the job of remodeling an existing milk barn and he will show you how to increase your milk production cow flow and the overall efficiency of your dairy- enhancing your bottom line.

Wasnick Bros. have been able to augment their DeLaval dealership through innovative Wasnick designs. Their designs have increased milking barn efficiency by improving and simplifying functions. An example of such an improvement is the Wasnick Bros. "Lift Away" Brisket Bar. The bar is raised by a roller chain and not by cable, which allows the bar to lift as a unit resulting in a quieter, smoother and more reliable operation.

Other examples of the Wasnick Bros. contribution to more efficient dairy design are the Barrell Chiller, The Automatic Take-off and Milk–flow Sensor, and their unique Crowd Gate design.

Whether you are constructing a new dairy or remodeling an existing one, Wasnick Bros. will provide you with excellent, efficient and productive solutions.

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See how the Wasnick Brothers have been keeping dairies growing and going for over 50 years.

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