Liners & Tubing

As a DeLaval dealer, we offer their excellent range of products to enhance our own ideas and designs.

Luxury Liners

Luxury Liners are designed to perform consistently over a wide range of vacuum levels. Even at low levels, Luxury Liners help keep milking units in place for faster milking with fewer slips. They help lower the cost per milking, and last longer than competitive liners. Top-quality materials and manufacturing processes, together with anti-degradient to protect against the stresses of heat, absorption, ozone and chemical decay.

DeLaval original liners provide a gentle teat massage to stimulate the cow to completely empty her udder at each milking. All DeLaval liners are produced in a food contact compliant material.

DeLaval Clover Liners

The unique, patent-pending clover shaped design of the DeLaval Clover™ liner delivers a firm, yet gentle, grip of the teat throughout the milking cycle. This ensures that the liner stays in the proper milking position and provides an excellent massage, assuring your cows have maximum comfort while being milked. The DeLaval Clover™ liner helps promote teat health by providing exceptional relief to the teat skin and teat-end. The full contact and grip of the liner result in a low slip, fast and complete milk out.

A good cluster position during milking ensures good milking performance. DeLaval tubes, bundled with DeLaval tube holders, help the cluster to stay in the optimal position under the udder. All DeLaval tubing materials balance stiffness, elasticity, flexibility and surface character in order to hold their shape well, and bend easily.

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